Cryptotis parva

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Noun1.Cryptotis parva - small brown shrew of grassy regions of eastern United States
shrewmouse, shrew - small mouselike mammal with a long snout; related to moles
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For example, the Least Shrew (Cryptotis parva) rarely lives longer 2 y (Mock 1982), whereas Bowhead Whales (Balaena mysticetus) have been estimated to live >200 y (George and others 1999).
The specimen was later dissected and the stomach content was identified from its skull as a Cryptotis parva (North American least shrew or musarana), now in the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Mammal Collection (UANL-4320).
Similarly, the least shrew (Cryptotis parva) is a species of concern immediately adjacent to this study site in Indiana but was found in both roadsides and medians.
Finalmente, una musarana Cryptotis parva, un murcielago Enchisthenes hartii, y dos carnivoros Potos flavus y Bassariscus sumichrasti, como especies bajo proteccion especial (SEMARNAT 2010).
Two species of shrews were caught, the short-tailed shrew, Blarina brevicauda, and the least shrew, Cryptotis parva. The short-tailed shrew is usually most abundant in moist and wooded areas, whereas the least shrew, unlike most other shrews, is found in dry fields.
During the past 35 years, the least shrew (Cryptotis parva) has expanded its distribution along riverine and other mesic corridors in western parts of its distribution, although some recently discovered populations in the West might represent relicts of a previous Pleistocene distribution.
Animals received tap water ad libitum and two or more of the following food it ems were always available: fresh [CO.sub.2] euthanized laboratory animal carcasses, prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) or least shrews (Cryptotis parva); mealworms (Tenebric sp.); feline diet no.
crawfordi habita regularmente los ambientes xerofilos del estado de Hidalgo (Carraway 2007) y que ninguna de las cinco especies de musaranas que se distribuyen en el estado (Cryptotis mexicana, Cryptotis obscura, Cryptotis parva, Sorex oreopolus y Sorex saussurei; Mejenes-Lopez et al.
A total of 79 small mammals was trapped at Naval Support Activity Crane, Martin County, Indiana, including 23 short-tailed shrews (Blarina brevicauda), 21 least shrews (Cryptotis parva), 11 prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster), 7 southeastern shrews (Sorex longirostris), 5 smoky shrews (Sorex fumeus), 4 meadow jumping mice (Zapus hudsonius), 3 white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus), 2 meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus), 2 pygmy shrews (Sorex hoyi), and 1 bog lemming (Synaptomys cooperi).
fulvescens (6.8%), birds (5.2%), insects (4.2%) and Cryptotis parva (3.7%).
In November 1997, while live-trapping small mammals on a 1.8 ha grid in the tropical hardwood hammocks of Key Largo (25 [degrees] 12[minutes]N, 80 [degrees] 21[minutes]W) we captured one Cryptotis parva floridana in a Sherman live trap.