Polysynthetic twinning

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(Min.) repeated twinning, like that of the triclinic feldspar, producing fine parallel bands in alternately reversed positions.
repeated twinning of crystal lamellæ, as that of the triclinic feldspars.

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As far as is known, only one report of crystal twinning in datolite is found in the literature.
The [Beta] type orientation is associated with crystal twinning at the (110) plane such that the plane normal of (130) orients in the thickness direction, while that of (110) orients at some degree away from the thickness direction.
the "spiral staircase" aggregation of Si[O.sub.4] tetrahedra in quartz), the formation of pseudomorphs, crystal twinning and laws thereof, and even (you guessed it) snowflakes, also known as ice crystals.