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or Cu·chul·ainn also Cu Chul·ainn  (ko͞o-kŭl′ĭn, -KHŭl′-)
A legendary hero of ancient Ulster who single-handedly defended it against the rest of Ireland.


(kuˈkʌl ɪn, ˈku xʊ lɪn)

a hero of Ulster in Irish legend.
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Team Cu Chulain have their own issues with Breffni and Geraldine.
In fact if you find in the poem anyone who is not obviously a real person, 10 to one it's me playing a part - Socrates or Wise Fool, Cu Chulain or duckbilled platypus.
And once again the boys Cu Chulain team makes a complete hash of things as they bicker with each other throughout.