cubic yard

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Noun1.cubic yard - a unit of volume (as for sand or gravel)cubic yard - a unit of volume (as for sand or gravel)
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machine specifications are as follows: net power(iso9249): 249hp minimum, machine reach: 34 feet minimum, engine coolant heater, 4,000 operational hours or less, track pad width: 32 inches minimu, 60,000 to 80,000lb excavator, machine depth: 22 feet minimum, bucket capacity: 3 cu yds.
The company also said that the bridge will be over 2,000 ft long and will have over 100,000 linear ft of steel piling, 40,000 sq ft of retaining wall and 125,000 cu yds of excavation.
This saved over 400,000 CU yds of landfill space which is equivalent to filling 8 football fields piled to the top of the goalpost.