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also Kwan·za  (kwän′zə)
A river rising in central Angola and flowing about 805 km (500 mi) generally northwest to the Atlantic Ocean.
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The Secretary General of the National Assembly, Pedro Agostinho de Neri, inaugurated on Friday, the 26 new Secretaries of the Local Offices of Support to the Electoral Circles of the provinces of Bengo, Lunda Norte, Namibe, Cuando Cubango, Cuanza Sul and Zaire.
Nesse sentido, e importante destacar que Nossa Senhora do Rosario foi orago de dois importantes presidios no interior de Angola, o de Cambembe, as margens do rio Cuanza e Pundo Andongo, antiga capital do Reino do Ndongo.
The Northern System is connected to the Cuanza River basin and is the country's largest, serving Luanda.
The Cambambe hydroelectric power plant on the Kwanza River, at the border of the Cuanza Norte and Bengo provinces has a power-generating capacity of 180 megawatts, enough to power over 120,535 homes.
This was collected from borrows of Ocypode crabs at the mouth of the Cuanza River, one of Africa's great, but little-known rivers.
Manjinder Singh ( name changed on request) revealed he was among over a 1,000 Indians who were hired by ETA Star International to work in a cement factory near Sumbe, the administrative capital of Cuanza Sul Province in west central Angola.
44) Ralph Delgado, Ao Sul do Cuanza (ocupacao e aproveitamento do antigo reino de Benguela) (2 vols.
The oldest of these objects include stylised human and animal terracotta figures from the Nok civilisation in central Nigeria, a wooden vessel with chip-carved decoration from Njoro, Kenya; a group of seven terracotta heads from Lydenburg in South Africa's Mpumalanga Province, and a carved animal head from a site east of the Cuanza River in the Liavela area of central Angola.
Hopefully, life will change now for pretty Maria, who entered under the banner of her home province of Cuanza Sul.
A sign of Angola's economic boom: The massive hdryo electric dam on Cuanza river at Cambade, near Dondo, south east of Luanda' Peace and oil Peace and oil production have so far done little to improve the lives of most people in Luanda
Massangana was the Portuguese fort on the Cuanza river from which the Europeans controlled the interior of Angola.
Portugal now had formal control over the port-city of Luanda and over a small area of the Cuanza valley that had been subdued by Dias' forces.