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also Kwan·za  (kwän′zə)
A river rising in central Angola and flowing about 805 km (500 mi) generally northwest to the Atlantic Ocean.
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China Gezhouba Group is building the $4.5bn project on the River Cuanza, which is scheduled for completion in 2024.
They are Maersk Conakry, Maersk Cardiff, Maersk Cuanza, Gerhard Schulte, Kota Segar, Kota Selamat, and Arkas Africa.
(62.) "A vila, que, devido ao seu porto e navegabilidade do Cuanza, se tornara o centro dos produtos de Malanje, Cazengo e Libolo, nao pode aguentar o embate que estiolou a sua vida de entao.
[...] de sorte que em todos os Distritos, Feiras, Presidios, e Freguesias dos tres Rios Cuanza, Senza e Dande, e ainda os Povos do Rio Luffuni (excetuando os moradores da Banca do Libungo, que falam em Lingua do Congo) todos se explicam em Bundo ate o Presidio das Pedras de Encogi, onde uns falam a Lingua Bunda, e outros a do Congo (CANNECATTIM 1804, p.
The Northern System is connected to the Cuanza River basin and is the country's largest, serving Luanda.
This was collected from borrows of Ocypode crabs at the mouth of the Cuanza River, one of Africa's great, but little-known rivers.
Manjinder Singh ( name changed on request) revealed he was among over a 1,000 Indians who were hired by ETA Star International to work in a cement factory near Sumbe, the administrative capital of Cuanza Sul Province in west central Angola.
(44) Ralph Delgado, Ao Sul do Cuanza (ocupacao e aproveitamento do antigo reino de Benguela) (2 vols., Lisbon: Beleza, 1942), I: 182.
The oldest of these objects include stylised human and animal terracotta figures from the Nok civilisation in central Nigeria, a wooden vessel with chip-carved decoration from Njoro, Kenya; a group of seven terracotta heads from Lydenburg in South Africa's Mpumalanga Province, and a carved animal head from a site east of the Cuanza River in the Liavela area of central Angola.