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Noun1.Cuban capital - the capital and largest city of CubaCuban capital - the capital and largest city of Cuba; located in western Cuba; one of the oldest cities in the Americas
Cuba, Republic of Cuba - a communist state in the Caribbean on the island of Cuba
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Wrapping up activities of 19th General AssemblyConference held in the Cuban capital of Havana, the WFDY called for ending the terroristwar waged against Syria and lifting the unfair economic sanction imposed by theimperialistic systems on the Syrian people.
There's Cuban capital Havana; there's East Africa's gorilla stronghold.
Join us for a beautiful evening on Friday, September 18th for our opening night presentation, the New Mexico debut ofConducta , an exquisite drama that the Havana Times has recently called a serene and sincere portrait of life in the Cuban capital.
7 million people displaced since 1965 in the fighting, which negotiators are trying to end in peace talks under way in the Cuban capital.
Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere, will travel to the Cuban capital of Havana Sunday for talks with Josefina Vidal, Director General of the U.
The 10-member troupe went in mid-February and spent several days in the Cuban capital.
economic embargo on Cuba, which would take an act of Congress, it is planning to reopen an embassy in the Cuban capital of Havana.
Naming the Habano after the Cuban capital demonstrates that for a resident, this is not just another cigar; it?
embassy in the Cuban capital of Havana in the coming months and Secretary of State John Kerry has been instructed to review Cuba's place on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list ahead of beginning discussions with Cuban leaders in order to re-establish diplomatic relations.
Colombia's head of delegation at the talks Humberto de la Calle says his government made no concessions to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to restart talks in the Cuban capital on Wednesday.
NNA - Beirut, in Lebanon, the Cuban capital of Havana and La Paz, in Bolivia, have been named among the seven most incredible cities in the world.
Reparations for victims is one of the most sensitive items on a six-point agenda for the talks in the Cuban capital because each side blames the other for violence that has killed 220,000 people and caused more than five million others to flee their homes.