Cuban mahogany

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Noun1.Cuban mahogany - mahogany tree of West IndiesCuban mahogany - mahogany tree of West Indies  
mahogany tree, mahogany - any of various tropical timber trees of the family Meliaceae especially the genus Swietinia valued for their hard yellowish- to reddish-brown wood that is readily worked and takes a high polish
genus Swietinia, Swietinia - tropical American mahogany trees
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Dating from around 1885, it is elegantly crafted in Cuban mahogany, featuring etched inlay work in the Renaissance Revival style.
In particular, the carving on chairs made from Cuban mahogany will be far crisper.
This area retains doors of Cuban mahogany, two magnificent fireplaces, pillars and pediments, friezes andoriginal library bookshelves.