Plectranthus amboinicus

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Noun1.Plectranthus amboinicus - an aromatic fleshy herb of India and Ceylon to South Africa; sometimes placed in genus Plectranthus
coleus, flame nettle - any of various Old World tropical plants of the genus Coleus having multicolored decorative leaves and spikes of blue flowers
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Yet some, such as Mexican oregano and Cuban oregano, are in entirely different plant families but taste quite similar to the familiar Italian herb.
Other spices are, however, an important ingredient, the most dominant being garlic, cumin, onion, Cuban oregano and bay leaves.
Trailing among the nasturtiums is Cuban oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus 'Variegatus'), with cream-fringed leaves that are the perfect foil for the pale lilac flowers of English Wedgewood' thyme at right.