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(ˌoʊ kəˈvæŋ goʊ, -ˈvɑŋ-)

a river in central Africa, flowing SE from Angola to Botswana. ab. 1000 mi. (1610 km) long. Portuguese, Cubango.
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The Secretary General of the National Assembly, Pedro Agostinho de Neri, inaugurated on Friday, the 26 new Secretaries of the Local Offices of Support to the Electoral Circles of the provinces of Bengo, Lunda Norte, Namibe, Cuando Cubango, Cuanza Sul and Zaire.
Covering an area of about 15000 square kilometers, the alluvial fan-like Delta receives its annual water flow from the upland plains of Angola's Cuito and Cubango Rivers (Mendelsohn, et al.
Cubans can be found from Cuando Cubango ("the end of the world" as the Portuguese colonists used to call it) to Huambo, Luanda, Bengo and other Angolan cities, building roads, highways, bridges and hospitals.
Cam-inho de Ferro de Mocamedes announced in September that about 70% of the Mocamedes railway from the port of Namibe to Cuando Cubango Province had been reconstructed and the entire 970km railway would be completed early next year.
Indeed, several opposition activists were actually killed in Luanda and it suburb, Viana, as well as in the central highlands in Huambo and in Cuando Cubango in the former UNITA regions in the far southeast.
Cuban support for the MPLA enraged the South Africans, of course, and in March 1988, South African forces assisted UNITA to attack the MPLA's base at Cuito Cuanavale in Cuando Cubango province.
Las escuelas de samba, como los Academicos do Cubango (arriba) dedican meses de intensa preparacion para participar en el carnaval de Rio.
De Beers has been awarded exclusive prospecting rights in three areas (one stretching across Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul; Quela in Malanje Province; and Mavinga in Cuando Cubango Province).
Sixty-two percent of Unita's votes was in the four central/southern provinces of Huambo, Bie, Benguela and Cuando Cubango, where in many places there was no government presence in the run-up to the election and Unita allowed no political activity by any other party.
Gold occurrences also exist in Cuanza Norte and Sul, Namibe, Huambo, Cuando Cubango, and Malanje provinces.
From 1981 to 1988, the SADF occupied the provinces of Cunene and Cuando Cubango in Angola.