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(ˌoʊ kəˈvæŋ goʊ, -ˈvɑŋ-)

a river in central Africa, flowing SE from Angola to Botswana. ab. 1000 mi. (1610 km) long. Portuguese, Cubango.
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Mine victim persons such as women, men and children of Luanda, Cuando Cubango, Bengo, Lunda Sul, Lunda Norte, Moxico, Bi, Kwanza Norte and Kwanza Sul.
Cubans can be found from Cuando Cubango ("the end of the world" as the Portuguese colonists used to call it) to Huambo, Luanda, Bengo and other Angolan cities, building roads, highways, bridges and hospitals.
Cam-inho de Ferro de Mocamedes announced in September that about 70% of the Mocamedes railway from the port of Namibe to Cuando Cubango Province had been reconstructed and the entire 970km railway would be completed early next year.
Cuban support for the MPLA enraged the South Africans, of course, and in March 1988, South African forces assisted UNITA to attack the MPLA's base at Cuito Cuanavale in Cuando Cubango province.
Six high-priority targets will be followed up this year including: Vereda Grande, Mansinha, Riacho do Miguel, Cubango, Mari and C1 Santa Luz extension.
Over 10,000 mine victims and their relatives in Namibe, Huambo, Cunene, Cuando Cubango, Huila, Uige and Cabinda provinces
The initiative is centred around the provinces of Moxico, Cuando, Cubango and Cunene.
As per the report, Luanda Province Secretary for Education, Training and Technical and Professional Education, Narciso dos Santos Benedito announced that recently visited the city of Menongue, Cuando Cubango province, where he will get familiar with the implementation degree of sector activities.