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Noun1.cubic inch - the volume equal to a cube one inch on each side
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THE MODEL TD-5 Essentially the same machine as the T-5, the TD-5 had a BD-144 British-built 4-cylinder diesel engine that produced 35hp at 2,000rpm from 144 cubic inches displacement.
It comes in two sizes; Large, with 2,300 cubic inches of internal storage, and Medium.
The spindle's high rigidity and high torque enable cutting of S45C steel with an end mill at 43 cubic inches per minute.
With 11 different-sized drawers--including a full-size top drawer with adjustable partitions--and a lockable side cabinet with adjustable shelf, the unit houses 19,000 cubic inches of storage space.
More firepower also became available that year when GM rescinded an earlier rule that limited intermediate models to V-8 engines no larger than 400 cubic inches. The result arrived in the form of a 454-cubic-inch V-8 torque monster available in two strengths.
(4) For simplicity, assume 10 inches equals 1 foot; then 10x10x10 cubic inches (1 cubic foot) will hold a million BBs.
Current systems produced are about 100 cubic inches in size.
This pack offers 1950 cubic inches of space but weighs just 3 lbs., 15 oz.
It's just 19 x7 x 10 inches, and every one of its 1,330 cubic inches of space is easily accessible due to the clamshell zippered design.
Designed for extended missions, cargo capacity of the Skirmish is 2,014 cubic inches. It features full clamshell openings, additional lower access to the main compartment, a front pocket organizer, internal mesh pockets and internal and external MOLLE panels.
Weighing a mere five pounds, 11 ounces, the Pop Top ($235) is made of 600D Poly Ripstop, 600D Helix Oxford, and 1260D Helix Ballistic, with the capacity to expand from 1,700 cubic inches to 2,750 (14x13.75 x 9 inches to 14 x 22 x 9 inches).