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n.1.(Anat.) The hollow at the flexure of the arm.
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Both the upper limb aneurysms were of the brachial artery in left cubital fossa.
Before the procedure, a ruler was used to measure the length from the radius styloid process to 2 cm below the cubital fossa.
Already in 1816, Meckel mentioned two cases of a peculiar variation of the superficial brachioradial artery which bifurcated within the cubital fossa into a thicker lateral branch, obviously a radial artery, and a thinner medial branch, running subcutaneously and terminating in the superficial palmar arch.
The axilla and the arm were dissected to expose brachial plexus & musculocutaneous nerve from origin up to cubital fossa.
The algometer was placed one-third the distance between the cubital fossa and medial acromion of the non-dominant limb, and the assessor applied progressive perpendicular force at a rate of 10 N x [sec.
Within the cubital fossa the brachial artery was located centrally and divided near the neck of the radius into its terminal branches, the radial and ulnar arteries.
Dissection of the cubital fossa was done and branches of the median nerve to the pronator teres were identified and measured.
Other important symptoms include weight changes, acne, patches of dark skin on the nape of the neck, axillae, cubital fossa.
If the posterior arm is fully extended, then by applying pressure in the cubital fossa and pushing it posteriorly, one might facilitate flexion of the arm and make it easier to reach the forearm and follow it to the wrist, finally grasping and pulling it.
4] Though some cases of anomalous divisions of brachial artery in cubital fossa have been described [5] but mid-arm variations in brachial artery are relatively of rare occurrence.
After injection of saline in the superior compartment, five cc of autologous blood drawn from the cubital fossa was injected (4 cc in the superior compartment and one cc in the pericapsular tissue).
The nerve distal to the cubital fossa was also thickened.