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n.1.(Bot.) A hood-shaped organ, resembling a cowl or monk's hood, as certain concave and arched sepals or petals.
2.(Zool.) A color marking or structure on the head somewhat resembling a hood.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(A) Flattened antenna of male Gymnandrosoma aurantianum; (B) Hairpencil on male hind tibia; (C) Male genitalia - ae: aedeagus, cu: cucullus, co: cornuti, vi: vinculus, ju: juxta; (D) Female genitalia - ob: ostium bursae, db: ductus bursae, ds: ductus seminalis, b: bursae.
Partridge pea flowers are perfect and contain ten stamens, nine of which are covered by a cucullus (rigid upper petal) that may act as a pollinator guide (Wolfe and Estes, 1992).
Diagnosis.--Males can be distinguished by the following combination of features: (1) the rounded edges of the cucullus (Fig.
Among the latter we selected the record of Oelandograptus oelandicus (Bulman) and Aulograptus cucullus (Bulman) mentioned by Dean et al.
He characterizes the five acts in turn: the famous life of Thomas Wolsey, the divorce, cucullus non facit monachum, the coronation, and the holy day.
A mother raises many a cowl ['cucullus' with two 'l's] under royal roofs'.
15): uncus delgado y agudo, con ensanchamiento poco notorio, cuello del uncus mediano, con engrosamiento basal evidente y angulado en sus bordes; valva con cucullus delgado provisto de corona multiserial de espinas fuertes y abundantes; complejo del "clasper" con ampulla muy desarrollada de apice agudo y proyectada dorsalmente sin sobresalir de la valva, "clasper" agudo y poco desarrollado, digitus curvo, sobresale a la valva ventralmente por dos tercios de su longitud, la que es tres veces su ancho basal; yuxta ancoriforme; saccus de apice agudo; aedeago (Fig.
Eighteen seeds from each family (2,700 in total) were weighed individually on a C-31 microbalance, resolution [10.sup.-6] 9 (Cahn Instruments, Cerrito, CA), after removal of the cucullus. These data were used to estimate the additive genetic variance of seed weight in our population.
We used the following abbreviations: AED: Aedeagus, CU: Cucullus, DU.EJ: Ductus ejaculatorius, JX: Juxta, PUP/ RJ: Punjabi University, Patiala/ Rahul Joshi collection, SA: Saccus, SL: Sacculus, SL.: Saccular projection, TG: Tegumen, UN: Uncus, VES: Vesica, VIN: Vinculum, VLA: Valvula.
glenoides, with which it shares the following features: (i) carapace, cucullus, abdomen and appendages densely covered with long fine translucent setae; (ii)