Cucurbita argyrosperma

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Noun1.Cucurbita argyrosperma - plant bearing squash having globose to ovoid fruit with variously striped grey and green and white warty rinds
cushaw - globose or ovoid squash with striped grey and green warty rind
Cucurbita, genus Cucurbita - type genus of the Cucurbitaceae
winter squash, winter squash plant - any of various plants of the species Cucurbita maxima and Cucurbita moschata producing squashes that have hard rinds and mature in the fall
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This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of chihua pumpkin (Cucurbita argyrosperma) residue in ruminal digestibility and gas production in an in vitro assay.
Heterochrony and heteroblastic leaf development in two subspecies of Cucurbita argyrosperma (Cucurbitaceae).
Systematics and evolution of a domesticated squash, Cucurbita argyrosperma, and its wild and weedy relatives.
shade leaves of Cucurbita argyrosperma. She found that these differences arise not due to prolonged production of juvenile leaves but due to alterations in the later developmental program of the leaf; sun leaves have significantly more rapid leaf expansion rates.
There are at least three such pairs within the genus Cucurbita (the pumpkins and squashes) (Decker-Walters et al., 1990), one pair being the two subspecies of Cucurbita argyrosperma (Merrick and Bates, 1989; Merrick, 1990).