cuddle up

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w>cuddle up

visich kuscheln (→ to, against an +acc); to cuddle up beside somebodysich neben jdm zusammenkuscheln; to cuddle up in bedsich im Bett zusammenkuscheln, sich ins Bett kuscheln; I’m cold — well, cuddle up thenmir ist kalt — na, dann kuschel dich ran (inf); we all had to cuddle up in the tent to keep warmwir mussten uns alle im Zelt aneinanderkuscheln, um es warm zu haben
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Strathcarron business development fundraiser Claire MacDonald said: "We understand how difficult it can be for families who find themselves no longer able to sleep in the same bed, lay together or cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie.
Puppy love: Puss prefers to cuddle up to dogs than owner Katie(right)
Hess is the proprietor of Cuddle Up to Me, a Portland, Oregon, cuddling studio where Hess and three other comfortably but fully clothed women platonically embrace humanity for $I a minute (with a IS-minute minimum).