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silver and carnelian
bracelet cuff

cuff 1

a. A fold used as trimming at the bottom of a sleeve.
b. A band, often having an opening with a button closure, at the bottom of a sleeve.
2. The turned-up fold at the bottom of a trouser leg.
3. The band at the top of a sock.
4. The part of a glove that extends over the wrist.
5. A bracelet consisting of a curved, open-ended band, as of metal or resin, that fits the wrist firmly without a clasp.
6. A handcuff.
7. Medicine An inflatable band, usually wrapped around the upper arm, that is used along with a sphygmomanometer in measuring arterial blood pressure.
tr.v. cuffed, cuff·ing, cuffs
1. To form a cuff or cuffs on.
2. To put handcuffs on.
off the cuff
In an extemporaneous or informal manner.
on the cuff
On credit.

[Middle English cuffe, mitten.]

cuff 2

tr.v. cuffed, cuff·ing, cuffs
To strike with or as if with the open hand; slap.
A blow or slap with the open hand.

[Origin unknown.]


pl n
informal short for handcuffs. See handcuff2