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or cuff link  (kŭf′lĭngk′)
A fastening for a shirt cuff, usually consisting of two buttons or buttonlike parts connected with a chain or shank that passes through two slits in the cuff.

cuff link

1. (Clothing & Fashion) one of a pair of linked buttons, used to join the buttonholes on the cuffs of a shirt

cuff′ link`

or cuff′link`,

one of a pair of linked ornamental buttons or buttonlike devices for fastening a shirt cuff.

cuff link

- Links the split cuff of a shirt.
See also related terms for links.
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They include a Smiley toaster, cuff links, watches, shoes, scales, wristbands, clocks and jewellery.
Not only that, Adire is no longer used to make dresses alone as it is used to make fashion accessories like bags, shoes, ties, cuff links, throw pillows, bangles, jewellery box and so on.
LeBebe Gioielli centred around a stylised baby girl or boy shaped charm, and later expanded to include rings, bracelets, cuff links and earrings.
leBebe Gioielli centred around a stylised baby girl- or boy-shaped charm, and was later expanded to include rings, bracelets, cuff links and earrings.
She also designs cuff links, horseshoes, centrepieces and place settings for a special day.
In addition to a host of new features on the vehicle itself, including a numbered plaque, there are associated accessories for owners such as cuff links and designer shoes, plus the chance to drive at the Nurburgring circuit itself.
Iconic artworks by the artists are displayed alongside the rings, earrings, necklaces, cuff links and bracelets designed by them setting up a dialogue between the jewellery and the original concepts and artworks that inspired them.
For all you Formula One fans, Memento Exclusives of Great Britain sells racing memorabilia, including cuff links and other trinkets, made from retired racing parts.
And when it's all about the finishing touches -- Montblanc's Urban Spirit Cuff links create a unique jewel with endless possibilities to highlight one's style and personality.
Stolen goods include prescription glasses, prescription Rayban sunglasses, four pairs of cuff links, a Dell laptop and six watches worth an estimated PS2,500.
Deakin& Francis, which was established in 1786 and is based at Regent Place in the city's historic Jewellery Quarter, designs and manufactures cuff links, jewellery and luxury accessories.
A "PROFESSIONAL burglar" broke into seven homes in Cardiff in two days leaving a trail of destruction and stealing jewellery, cameras, cuff links, and laptops.