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or cuff link  (kŭf′lĭngk′)
A fastening for a shirt cuff, usually consisting of two buttons or buttonlike parts connected with a chain or shank that passes through two slits in the cuff.

cuff link

1. (Clothing & Fashion) one of a pair of linked buttons, used to join the buttonholes on the cuffs of a shirt

cuff′ link`

or cuff′link`,

one of a pair of linked ornamental buttons or buttonlike devices for fastening a shirt cuff.

cuff link

- Links the split cuff of a shirt.
See also related terms for links.
References in classic literature ?
Wilson was a little startled by her tone, and he turned his head so quickly that his cuff-link caught the string of his nose-glasses and pulled them awry.
ONE of Liverpool's most highly esteemed and beloved public relations experts, Dougal Paver, has hatched a novel idea to relaunch the former Royal Sun Alliance building (aka the Sandcastle) with invitations sealed with a jazzy cuff-link. If you want the matching other cuff-link, you must go to the event.
Fei called on the help of his former university to turn two cuff-link designs into finished products.
'I'm a Blues fan, so if me finding the cuff-link turns out to be our lucky charm then I'll be delighted.'
It was as if you wore either Swank cuff-link sets or nylon-tricot jumpsuits, prim menswear convention or "showbiz" exhibitionism.
Car-makers certainly aren't pinning their hopes on cuff-link carriages.
Before their real car is delivered, owners will be given a numbered 1:18 scale model of it and, upon collection, they get Sparco racing gloves and customised soft shell jacket, sports bag in the Alfa Romeo pattern, Quadrifoglio cuff-links and original footwear created by Car Shoe.
Look at magazine gift lists for dads, and you'll find stuff - like tie clips, cuff-links, vintage car models, Rubik cubes and Aramis - that no-one outside of Alan Partridge wants.
Coun Wilson laughed off suggestions that the gift of a pair of golden cuff-links from Coun Gilbert before the start of the meeting had swayed his decision when it came to the vote.
A pair of gold cuff-links, one with the letters "G" and the other with the letter "A", were also taken.
The Royal Family's previously custom-made crackers had included posh gifts such as Montblanc gold cuff-links and expensive lighters.
And behind his back I bought the perfect anniversary gift for him - gorgeous (and notoriously expensive) cuff-links.