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A policy of furthering cultural or racial assimilation.

as·sim′i·la′tion·ist adj. & n.


(Sociology) a person who favours and promotes the incorporation and mixing of different groups in society
(Sociology) relating to the favouring and promotion of the incorporation and mixing of different groups in society
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Life's fulfillment may only seem within reach when cultural assimilation to the most extreme degree takes place.
The undeniable significance of CPEC is also necessitating for the social integration and cultural assimilation for success.
The want of opportunities within the reserves and refugee camps have led to emigration, a breakdown in social cohesion, varying degrees of cultural assimilation and political radicalization, as well as efforts at cultural renaissance.
Haaland was born in Winslow, Arizona, where her grandfather worked on the railroad -- as part of a federal government policy of "cultural assimilation" for native Americans.
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos's new book, Marriage Vows and Racial Choices, grows out of her first work, Mexican Americans Across Generations, which looked at cultural assimilation. In that book Vasquez-Tokos found that respondents fell into two categories; some practiced "thinned attachment" and were more likely to marry out, while others practiced "cultural maintenance" and tended to marry in.
Highlights include a new commission by Lubaina Himid's and an installation by Hardeep Pandhul (whose work is pictured here), which considers the psychological effects of cultural assimilation.
From the Jana Sangh days to the present, the party of cultural nationalism - one nation, one people, one culture - has been an outsider, battling unsuccessfully against India's DNA of cultural assimilation.
In an extraordinary show of cultural assimilation and despite hardly any experience riding a camel, the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to the UAE, Fernando De Martini, saddled up and joined the fourth edition of the 'Camel Trek' organised by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Centre (HHC), which began on January 17 at the Empty Quarter in Abu Dhabi.
"Trust the Filipino artist to draw from universal wellsprings of mysticism or esoteric lore as a source of inspiration and creativity, especially in advancing Pinoy consciousness towards all crossroads of cultural assimilation.Now comes scholar, historian, lawyer and writer Saul Hofileaa, Jr.
The mandarin orange is an Oriental cultural assimilation, so that even the tropical pineapple is added to the 12 round fruits to welcome prosperity.
but 'cultural assimilation is raised only by one author, Siti Salwa Abu, and solely in the context of Peranakan dress in Malacca' (ibid.).
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