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a.1.Having no culture.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Former Union Minister and Congress leader Salman Khurshid said the BJP and Prime Minister Modi are "cultureless." "All democracies have different ideologies and they clash with each other but that doesn't mean you vanish one ideology that is different to yours," said Khurshid.
At that time, Japanese residents in Joseon often proposed the 'cultureless Joseon' theory, claiming that there was no unique traditional culture in Joseon.
(39) Brigitta Hauser-Schaublin also points to what she calls the 'more than 150-year-long discursive construction of "Bali-Aga"', and Reuter shows how the northerners missed the opportunities of the tourist boom and were 'cast as a rather cultureless people by comparison to the glamorous courtly civilization of the south'.
Many teachers identified themselves as cultureless in their reflection paper because they were Caucasian American.
This time, Lauck focuses on the ways midwestern literature was dismissed by the national--which is to say, eastern--literary establishment and how midwestern authors tried to push back against the caricature of a bland, repressive, cultureless wasteland whose only worthy literature was about trying to flee from it.
Recognizing the inescapable predicament of culturally embedded, subjective human beings attempting to study themselves as cultureless objects, Foucault (1981) rhetorically asks, "What is at stake in the will to truth, in the will to utter this 'true' discourse, if not desire and power?" (p.
Flores and Rena Benmayor are all responding to a central problem regarding citizenship that Rosaldo isolates in Culture and Truth (1989); Rosaldo argues that national citizenship in the U.S., in order to be practiced and recognized publicly, is often projected as "cultureless." Rosaldo demonstrates that in the U.S., citizenship cannot be tied to any one racial or ethnic group.
What Mailer says about African-Americans being a"cultureless and alienated bottom of exploitable human material" (348), Tyler says about the members of Project Mayhem being the "crap and slaves of history" (123).
Hopefully, Afrocentric education can rescue us from such a horrendous situation of a cultureless people.
Others conveyed the notion that "Canadian-Canadian" culture is cultureless, and expressed particular ideas of what "being multicultural" entails, articulating what has been referred to as "song and dance" multiculturalism (George 2006; Mahtani 2002).