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n. pl.1.(Zool.) An order of marine Crustacea, mostly of small size.
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littoralis) in the Gulf of Mexico and found that southern kingfish most frequently consume bivalve siphons and cumaceans, followed by mysids, polychaetes, brachyurans, and gammarid amphipods.
Besides the prey groups mentioned for kelp bass, the diet of barred sand bass were sipunculids, cumaceans, and echinoderms.
Ostracods, copepods, and cumaceans were found within stomachs from L.
nondecapod crustaceans (including amphipods, isopods, cumaceans, mysids, and mantis shrimp), bivalves (clams and periwinkles), fishes (44 species identified), worms and wormlike organisms (nematodes, polychaetes, annelids, and leeches), and other unidentified (UID) items (inorganic matter, organic matter, eggs, and insects).
The benthic prey comprised a variety of fishes and crustaceans including amphipods, cumaceans, mysids, shrimps, nematodes, nemerteans, and polychaetes (Table 4).