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n. pl.1.(Zool.) An order of marine Crustacea, mostly of small size.
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Other prey encountered at relatively high frequencies in stomachs of summer flounder (%F>1%) were polychaetes, cumaceans, clam siphons, and ostracods.
The rest of taxa: nauplii larvae, gastrotrichs, kinorhynchs, polychaetes, oligochaetes and cumaceans exhibited low relative abundances (below 1%) and scarce taxonomic representation.
The three types were ~30 copepods (100-400 [micro]m), 2 cumaceans (~600 [micro]m), and 2 zoea larvae (~1 mm).
2003) and recent reports of whales feeding year-round on epibenthic cumaceans (Diastylidae) offshore near Kodiak (Moore et al.
maclovinus was predominantly feeding on crustaceans, since amphipods, isopods, cumaceans, and decapods were the most abundant prey found in individuals from 61 to 240mm TL and from 180 to 700mm TL.
Besides the prey groups mentioned for kelp bass, the diet of barred sand bass were sipunculids, cumaceans, and echinoderms.
are different polychaetes and mollusks, and a whole gamut of smaller organisms (copepods, cumaceans, nematodes).
Ostracods, copepods, and cumaceans were found within stomachs from L.
littoralis) in the Gulf of Mexico and found that southern kingfish most frequently consume bivalve siphons and cumaceans, followed by mysids, polychaetes, brachyurans, and gammarid amphipods.