Cumberland Plateau

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Noun1.Cumberland Plateau - the southwestern part of the AppalachiansCumberland Plateau - the southwestern part of the Appalachians
Appalachian Mountains, Appalachians - a mountain range in the eastern United States extending from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico; a historic barrier to early westward expansion of the United States
Cumberland Gap - a pass through the Cumberland Mountains between Virginia and Kentucky that early settlers used in order to move west
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Centrally located on the Cumberland Plateau of Eastern Tennessee, its Crossville location offers the best of all worlds: quick and easy access to more than one Interstate; proximity to several major cities, including Nashville and Knoxville and a warm, friendly town of 10,000.
Hunters without Internet access may call the TWRA Region III office in the Cumberland Plateau area at (931) 484-9571 or the Region 4 office in East Tennessee at (423) 587-7037 for checking station locations.
The Cumberland Plateau Salamander [Plethodon kentucki (Mittleman)] is a large terrestrial lungless salamander confined to the Cumberland Plateau of the central Appalachian Mountains (Mittleman, 1951; Highton and MacGregor, 1983).
The smoketree is a rare endemic tree with a relictual distribution comprising three localized populations: (1) on the Ozark Plateau in Arkansas and Missouri with a few scattered stations in eastern Oklahoma, (2) from the southern Cumberland Plateau in northeastern Alabama and adjacent Tennessee and Georgia, and (3) on the Edward's Plateau of south-central Texas (Little 1977; Davis & Graves 2016).
During a three-day hog hunt on the Cumberland Plateau in the mountains of Central Tennessee, I was in a treestand for 2 1/2 days.
34m in support of forestland restoration and working forests in the Southeast's Carolina Low Country Forests, Cumberland Plateau of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee and the Piney Woods of Texas and Louisiana.
June 20, 21, 2014 Crossville, TN: Cumberland Plateau Antique Tractor and Engine Association's 19th Annual Show.
They tell us that the prehistoric peoples in the Cumberland Plateau, a section of the Appalachian Mountains, used the rather distinctive upland environment to map their conceptual universe onto the natural world in which they lived," Simek stated.
On our small farm, Herb and Plow, located on the Cumberland Plateau in eastern Tennessee, we raise more than 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables.
Searching the internet for a place with just the right climate and surroundings that would fit their retirement income, they found it at the end of a tree-lined country lane on the Cumberland Plateau just outside of Jamestown, Tenn.
Flowing from east to west, the Cumberland River emerges in eastern Kentucky on the Cumberland Plateau with a wild stretch of rapids, shoals and the 63-foot Cumberland Falls, carves its way from southeastern Kentucky into northern Tennessee and ultimately moves back into Kentucky's western waterway region before emptying into the Ohio River to the west of Smithland, Ky.

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