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n.1.(Chem.) A colorless oily hydrocarbon, C6H5.C3H7, obtained by the distillation of cuminic acid; - called also cumol.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Global Petrochemicals Market, Segmentation By Type, 2014 - 2022, Value ($ Billion) - Ethylene-Petrochemicals, Propylene-Petrochemicals, Benzene-Petrochemicals, Xylene, Styrene-Petrochemicals, Toluene, Cumene, Others - Petrochemicals
Sumitomo Chemical's PO technology is based on a PO-only process in which, with cumene recycling, PO alone is manufactured without accompanying co-products.
It has the capacity to manufacture two lakh tonnes per annum of phenol and 1.2 lakh tonnes of its co-product acetone and supported by capacity to manufacture 26 lakh tonnes of cumene as captive consumption.
PES is one of multiple suppliers to AdvanSix of cumene, a feedstock material used to produce phenol, acetone and other chemical intermediates.
It contains alkaloids, carbohydrates, steroids, protein, fixed oils, glycosides, saponin, tannins, flavonoids, thymene, cumene, iron, lysine, starch, calcium and, essential oils like thymol, pcymene, c-terpinene.
It is the world's largest producer of Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) and also the leading producer of cumene and the second in phenol and acetone, thanks to its seven chemical plants, in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
The reaction mixtures containing 50 mM potassium phosphate, pH 7.0, 1 mM sodium azide, 2mM GSH, 0.2 mM NADPH, 1 U/ml GR, 1.5 mM cumene hydroperoxide, and serum samples were incubated at 25[degrees]C for 5 min.
Chemicals and solvents were reagent grades and used without further purification: poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride), cumene terminated, [M.sub.n] ~ 1600 (PSMA); 5-aminoisophthalic acid (AIPA); 3,5- bis(trifluoromethyl) aniline (6FAL); 4-aminostyrene (AS); 2-hydroxylethylacrylate (2-HEA); glycidyl methacrylate (GMA); dimethyl acetamide (DMAc); 3,5-di-tert-4-butylhydroxytoluene (BHT); tetrabutylphosphonium bromide (TBPB); propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate (PGMEA); and pentaerythritol triacrylate (PETA).
Universal Petrochemicals Co., involving Phenolchemie of Germany, Herdilia Chemicals of India and Saudi investors, has a 260,000 t/y cumene plant in Yanbu' on stream since 2000.
The main products involved in the petrochemical industry are benzene, propylene, ethylene, toluene, xylene, styrene, and cumene and the various dominant regions are Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa etc.
The report Benzene Market & Its Derivatives (Ethylbenzene, Cumene, Cyclohexane, Nitrobenzene, and Alkylbenzene) Market by Application & Geography Trends and Forecasts to 2018, defines and segments the benzene & its derivatives market with analysis and forecasting of the consumption volume and value.