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v. t.1.To con (a ship).
1.To know. See Con.
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Speak, you are permitted,'' said the Grand Master ``speak, and say, knowest thou the capital of our holy rule, De commilitonibus Templi in sancta civitate, qui cun miserrimis mulieribus versantur, propter oblectationem carnis?
China can consider starting construction ork on these projects this year, as research has been completed, Zeng Cun said while talking on the sideline of the on-going National Peoples Congress session in Beijing.
El metodo inductivo utilizado para desarrollar la visualografia como resultado del proyecto de investigacion "Teoria y Practica de la visualizacion de datos en mensajeros visuales" tomo como muestra la asignatura de semiotica digital del nivel profesional de estudiantes de Diseno Grafico de la CUN, Regional Tolima.
A Chinese Embassy spokesman, who was unaware of the incident until contacted by the GDN, pledged to help Ms Cun.
k (a), Bri bu- (a), Cab bo- (a), Nas bu- (a), Mov -bu (a), Boc -boke (a), Dor mo (a), Cun po: (a), Tun bu'kaja (a).
Distribucion: Colombia (Ara, Cun, San; altitud 3500 a 4350 m), Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru.
In July, the Guangzhou International Tea Trading Centre, which is comprised of a tea mall and a tea warehouse, opened its doors next to the Fang Cun traditional tea market.
fro Cun SCORERS - DUBLIN: C Costello 0-4, G Burke 0-4, S Carthy 0-3, S Cunningham 1-0, E Lowndes 0-2, N Walsh 0-1, D Campbell 0-1, M MacDonncha 0-1, MONAGHAN: P Keenan 0-4, J McElroy 0-1, C McCarthy 0-1, D McAllister 0-1, F McGeough 0-1
CR CUn UP CRAIG LEVEIN reckons Manchester United would have won the Premiership if Sir Alex Ferguson had been able to use Darren Fletcher for most of the season.
The agreement did not authorize CUN or its parent company, U.
en los que se ha reportado la especie (AMA: Amazonas, ANT: Antioquia, ARA: Arauca, ATL: Atlantico, BOL: Bolivar, BOY: Boyaca, CAL: Caldas, CAQ: Caqueta, CAS: Casanare, CAU: Cauca, CES: Cesar, CHO: Choco, COR: Cordoba, CUN: Cun dinamarca, GUA: Guaviare, GUI: Guainia, GUJ: La Guajira, HUI: Huila, MAG: Magdalena, MET: Meta, NAR: Narino, NSA: Norte de Santander, PUT: Putumayo, QUI: Quindio, RIS: Risaralda, SAP: San Andres, Providencia y Santa Catalina, SAN: Santander, SUC: Sucre, TOL: Tolima, VAL: Valle del Cauca, VAU: Vaupes, VIC: Vichada); 10.
The reports quoted Wang Cun, head of marketing and sales for the China Automobile Trading Company as saying that import rates in both the sedan and SUV grew in May, with sedan imports alone growing over 34 percent at 25,983 units.