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v. t.1.To con (a ship).
1.To know. See Con.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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``Speak, you are permitted,'' said the Grand Master ``speak, and say, knowest thou the capital of our holy rule, De commilitonibus Templi in sancta civitate, qui cun miserrimis mulieribus versantur, propter oblectationem carnis?''*
Consortia Partner Excellence Award: TRAVELSAVERS NEST (CCL); Ensemble Travel Group (CUN); Travel Leaders Network (HAL); Travel Leaders Network (PCL); Virtuoso (SBN).
Yann Le Cun, in his IRI Medalist presentation, discusses "The Power and Limits of Deep Learning." Le Cun's pioneering work on convolutional neural networks in the 1980s created a breakthrough in machine learning.
The PBT System will be installed at CUN's facility in Madrid, Spain and is equipped with state of the art technology including spot scanning capability(*) for treating certain forms of cancer.
China can consider starting construction ork on these projects this year, as research has been completed, Zeng Cun said while talking on the sideline of the on-going National Peoples Congress session in Beijing.
A Chinese Embassy spokesman, who was unaware of the incident until contacted by the GDN, pledged to help Ms Cun.
cundi totoo itong sinasabi co'y, ihan aco ng lintic; cun tuc-in nang ahas; cun lamonin nang lupa; cun pacasamin aco ng Dios..." Fray Juan's guidance to fellow frailes like Jose Rizal's Padre D?maso was to admonish the swearer, "If you call upon God as your witness when you lie, you treat Him as a joke, you ask him to support your falsehood."
Ant, Cau, Cho, 0-2600 derbianus Occidental, Nar, Ris, Tol, (Waterhouse, Pacifica VdC 1841) Caluromys Amazonia, Ama, Ant, Boy, 0-2000 lanatus Andina, Caribe Caq, Ces, Cun, (Olfers, 1818) Hui, LaG, Mag, Met, NdS, Tol Caluromysiops Sanborn, 1951 Caluromysiops Amazonia: SO Ama 0-500 irrupta Sanborn, 1951 Glironiinae Glironia Thomas, 1912 Glironia Amazonia: SO Put 0-500 venusta Thomas, 1912 Didelphinae Chironectes Illiger, 1811 Chironectes Colombia 0-2600 minimus (Zimmermann, 1780) Didelphis Linnaeus, 1758 Didelphis Colombia 0-2500 marsupialis Linnaeus, 1758 Didelphis Andina, Ser.