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Variant of Kuna.


(ˈku nə)

n., pl. -nas, (esp. collectively) -na.
1. a member of an American Indian people of E Panama, now living mainly on islands in the Gulf of San Blas.
2. the Chibchan language of the Cuna.
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In its court complaint, which asked for unspecified damages, CUNA Mutual Group strongly denied the claims.
Belmonte, however, accused Cuna of "misleading the public.
CUNA Mutual Group became part of a distinguished group of 30 NAFCU Servicespreferred partners, carefully chosen by leading CEOs in the credit union industry.
CUNA Mutual Group has chosen Passport, legal compliance solutions provider ELM Solutions' Enterprise Legal Management technology platform, to replace their legacy legal management, e-billing, and compliance systems.
CUNA organizes and delivers advocacy, training, conferences and consumer education.
El filme empieza con una mujer meciendo una cuna que se intercala como un ritornelo a lo largo de la tetralogia.
CUNA also evaluated only a small percentage of credit unions and omitted several important factors resulting in misleading findings, the group said.
Associated Bank's involvement with CUNA refinancing is intended to raise its profile in the industry.
CUNA entered the Australian market in 1969 providing white label insurance products to credit unions and building societies.
The company has hired 18 former CUNA Mutual Mortgage employees, with plans to double its work force by the end of March, according to Dan Rotert, president and chief executive officer of Greystone Residential Funding Inc.
The court rejected the plaintiffs contention that since CUNA is not a "healthcare provider," the one-year statute of limitation that is applicable to malpractice cases against healthcare providers should not be applicable to CUNA.
The book examines Cuna discourse in its social, cultural, and performance contexts, which Sherzer explains represents the "discourse-centered" approach to the Cuna language.