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Variant of Kuna.
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(ˈku nə)

n., pl. -nas, (esp. collectively) -na.
1. a member of an American Indian people of E Panama, now living mainly on islands in the Gulf of San Blas.
2. the Chibchan language of the Cuna.
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"With every rulemaking that ignores the statutory and congressional message, the bureau makes it harder for credit unions to fulfill their mission," the credit union leagues and CUNA concluded.
This announcement came while state leagues encouraged their credit unions to remain members of both CUNA and leagues, because in 2017, credit unions will have the choice to decide whether to join CUNA, their state leagues or both organizations.
In March, after a fierce, months-long, industrywide debate, more than 90% of CUNA's members voted in favor of historic bylaw changes that included eliminating the dual membership requirement in 2017, which allows credit unions the choice to decide whether to join CUNA, their state leagues or both organizations.
The $19.9 billion PenFed disaffiliated with CUNA and the Virginia Credit Union League at the end of 2004.
CiTo cooperate with all organizations which have as their aim the promotion and betterment of credit unions, such as CUNA and Affiliates, Inc., and each individual state credit union league, in any activities or services which they may undertake for the benefit of credit unions, if in the opinion of its board of directors it is advisable to do so.
Blaine said he met with CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle and Mollie Bell, CUNA's chief transformation officer, for about three hours Wednesday at SECU's headquarters in Raleigh, N.C.
Mollie Bell (pictured), CUNA's chief transformation officer, said she is analyzing the results of a recent survey of credit union members to find some answers that can be used to develop a strategy for the national organization's new member engagement initiative.
CUNA Mutual predicted another strong year for mortgage growth, as rising purchase activity offsets slower refinancing.
Additional bylaw changes will allow CUNA's board to develop a dues formula that would favor neither small nor large credit unions and permit the board to adjust its number of seats from the current maximum of 24 members to a minimum of 12 members.
According to Templeton, Susan Streifel, former CUNA board chair and president/CEO of the $96.7 million Woodstone Credit Union in Federal Way, Wash., canceled the GAC meeting because the CUNA executive committee would be too busy.
About 35 people attended an overview of the proposed bylaw changes that would allow for the first time credit unions to join either their state league, CUNA or both organizations.
Former CUNA President/CEO Dan Mica told CU Times that upon his own arrival in Washington, Zuver was heading up the CUNA office.