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also Cu·na  (ko͞o′nə)
n. pl. Kuna or Ku·nas also Cuna or Cu·nas
1. A member of a Central American Indian people formerly inhabiting central Panama, now living primarily in the San Blas Islands and adjacent coastal areas of northeast Panama.
2. The Chibchan language of the Kuna.


n. pl. kuna
See Table at currency.

[Serbo-Croatian, marten, kuna (from the earlier use of marten skins for payment), from Proto-Slavic *kuna; akin to Latvian cauna.]
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n, pl -ne (-nɪ)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Croatia, divided into 100 lipa
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(ˈku nə)
n., pl. -na.
the basic monetary unit of Croatia. See table at currency.
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Joel Sherzer's discourse-centered analysis of Cuna texts presents a type of descriptive study of the Cuna, about 30,000 persons living in 50 plus villages on the San Blas Islands and adjacent mainland of Panama.
The book examines Cuna discourse in its social, cultural, and performance contexts, which Sherzer explains represents the "discourse-centered" approach to the Cuna language.