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v. t.1.To con (a ship).
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"This would allow them to guide the car remotely, navigating safely around off-road obstacles that may not be visible from inside," says Cund.
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Cortes/Medina (Cund.), finca Mi Negro, 16-10-99, C.Cortes/UCR_ENT 00045992/[male] Pronozelus schuhi sp.
The Student Union for Peace Action (SUPA), established in late December 1964, had emerged out of the Combined University Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CUND), whose members had sought to broaden their political activism beyond opposition to nuclear proliferation and the fight over stationing U.S.
Martin Cund, proprietor of Coffee Roaster cafe on Stratford Road, in Shirley, said: "I'm concerned about the new Asda.
Pseudonimo Natural Informante ES ES (edad) y procedente (edad) 1 Miguel-8 Facatativa Olga-47 2 3 2 Saul-11 Anolaima- Myriam-42 3 4 Bogota 3 Cristobal-8 Bogota Teresa-36 2 3 4 Jorge-10 Bogota Gladis-42 3 4 5 Alex-11 Yondo (Ant.) Rosa-46 2 5 6 Eduardo-7 Bogota Sandra 25 2 3 7 Luis-12 Bogota Ana-30 3 8 8 Rodrigo-9 Bogota- Claudia-24 2 3 Facatativa 9 Benigno-6 Facatativa- Dora-42 3 1 Fontibon 10 Diego-9 Narino (Cund.) Martha-30 3 3 11 Andres-9 Bogota-Soacha Amparo 2 4 12 Omaira-11 Cali- Flor-44 2 4 Venadillo (Tol.) (Abuela) 13 Brandon-7 Bogota-Funza Silvia-26 3 2 Cod.
As the length of time spent in a current spell of joblessness increases (CUND, COLFD), the likelihood of moving out of the optimistic stage and into a stage characterized by helplessness and external locus of control is expected to increase.
Near the back wall, a number of brisk-looking older ladies in vaguely naval outfits hold up printed signs--HLND, CELEB, CUND CRN.
"The Old English Adjectival suffixes Cund and -isc: textual occurrences and productivity".