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 (kŭn′ĭng-hăm′), Imogen 1883-1976.
American photographer whose close-up images of flowering plants and the human body are notable as explorations of pure texture and form.


, Mercier Philip Known as "Merce." 1919-2009.
American dancer and choreographer of avant-garde works, including Squaregame (1976).


(Biography) Merce (mɜːs). 1919–2009 US dancer and choreographer. His experimental ballets include Suit for Five (1956) and Travelogue (1977)


(ˈkʌn ɪŋˌhæm)

Merce, born 1919?, U.S. dancer and choreographer.
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Noun1.Cunningham - United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1922)Cunningham - United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1922)
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