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Noun1.Cladonia - type genus of CladoniaceaeCladonia - type genus of Cladoniaceae; lichens characterized by a crustose thallus and capitate fruiting bodies borne on simple or branched podetia
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Cladoniaceae, family Cladoniaceae - a family of lichens
arctic moss, Cladonia rangiferina, reindeer lichen, reindeer moss - an erect greyish branching lichen of Arctic and even some north temperate regions constituting the chief food for reindeer and caribou and sometimes being eaten by humans
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Lutzoni peers at racks of petri dishes filled with clouded or rust-colored disks of culture medium and plucks out a dish housing the algal half of a pixie cup lichen.
Cladonia monomorpha, a neglected cup lichen from Europe.