Cupid's bow

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Cu·pid's bow

 (kyo͞o′pĭdz bō′)
n. pl. Cupid's bows
An archery bow that curves inward at the center and usually outward at the ends.
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Cupid's bow

(Anatomy) a shape of the upper lip considered to resemble Cupid's double-curved bow
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Cu′pid's bow′

1. a classical bow; the bow Cupid is traditionally pictured as bearing.
2. a line or shape resembling this, esp. the line of the upper lip.
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Noun1.Cupid's bow - the double curve of the upper lip when considered to resemble Cupid's bowCupid's bow - the double curve of the upper lip when considered to resemble Cupid's bow
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
2.Cupid's bow - a curved bow with reversed curve ends
bow - a weapon for shooting arrows, composed of a curved piece of resilient wood with a taut cord to propel the arrow
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Cupid’s bow

adjbogenförmig geschwungen; Cupid’s bow mouthKussmund m, → Herzmund m
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References in classic literature ?
Wouldn't you like if your tails were--so-- Curved in the shape of a Cupid's bow? Now you're angry, but--never mind, Brother, thy tail hangs down behind!
You said the other day that she was fine in figure; roundly built; had deep red lips like Cupid's bow; dark eyelashes and brows, an immense rope of hair like a ship's cable; and large eyes violety-bluey-blackish."
Her features are like sculptured marble and her mouth is a trembling, curving Cupid's bow. (PETER, ASIDE: "What kind of a thing is that?") Her creamy skin is as fair and flawless as the petals of a white lily.
Joan decided that she had been helped to identify the accent by the short German-looking moustache that did not conceal the mouth and its full red lips, which would have formed a Cupid's bow but for some harshness or severity of spirit that had moulded them masculinely.
However, recent images suggest she has since had multiple treatments to plump her lips, creating a more unnatural look, where the cupid's bow of the upper lip disappears.
Use a fan brush to apply the powder to the high points of your face such as the tip and bridge of your nose, above your Cupid's bow, beneath the arch of your eyebrows, above the arch of your eyebrows, cheekbones, the center of your forehead and the center of your chin.
13&15 TRAVEL Bridget fires her cupid's bow at romantic destinations and Neil Murray takes bite out of Hamburg.
The globe has wings and a cupid's bow and arrow imprint.
Pathologic autopsy showed narrow palpebral fissures, a long philtrum, cupid's bow upper lips with a thin vermilion border, and facial hirsutism and low-set ears (Figures 3 and 4), bilateral absence of corneal endothelium and Descemet membrane, bilateral optic nerve degeneration (Figures 5 and 6), bilateral cataracts, agenesis of the corpus callosum, and hydrocephalus.
Line the lip line, and slightly over, drawing around the Cupid's bow, which is the perfect way to achieve optimal fullness.
According to them, Prince William and Princess Charlotte have the same shape of eyes, cute button nose and pointed cupid's bow on their lips.