Cupressus lusitanica

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Noun1.Cupressus lusitanica - tall spreading evergreen found in Mexico having drooping branchesCupressus lusitanica - tall spreading evergreen found in Mexico having drooping branches; believed to have been introduced into Portugal from Goa
cypress tree, cypress - any of numerous evergreen conifers of the genus Cupressus of north temperate regions having dark scalelike leaves and rounded cones
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The effect of abandoned plantations of Pinus patula and Cupressus lusitanica on soils and regeneration of a tropical montane rain forest in Colombia.
and Cupressus lusitanica) and native (Alnus acuminata) tree plantations (Castano-Villa et al.
Comparison of nondestructive methods based on natural frequency for determining the modulus of elasticity of Cupressus lusitanica and Populus x canadensis.
Plants, such as the Pinaceae and Cupressaceae species (Pinuspatula, Cupressus lusitanica Miller) that corresponds to the predominant vegetation in this areawere recognized as possible sources of propolis (Meneses et al.
Lemma et al (2006) showed with similar management history of Cupressus lusitanica and Pinus patula, however, according to the tree species, there was significant difference in the amount of soil organic carbon.