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 (ko͝or′ə-sou′, kyo͝or′-, ko͝or′ə-sou′, kyo͝or′-)
An island territory of the Netherlands in the southern Caribbean Sea off the northwest coast of Venezuela. Originally inhabited by the Arawak, it was settled by the Spanish in 1527. The Dutch gained control in 1634, although the British held the island during the Napoleonic Wars (1807-1815). Oil refining and tourism are the major industries.


 (kyo͝or′ə-sō′, -sou′, ko͝or′-) also cu·ra·çoa (-sō′ə)
A liqueur flavored with the peel of the sour orange.

[After Curaçao.]


1. (Placename) an island in the Caribbean, formerly a part of the Netherlands Antilles until their dissolution in 2010, now a constituent country of the Netherlands. Capital: Willemstad. Pop: 146 836 (2013 est). Area: 444 sq km (171 sq miles)
2. (Brewing) (also without capital) an orange-flavoured liqueur originally made there


(ˈkʊər əˌsaʊ, -ˌsoʊ, ˈkyʊər-; ˌkʊər əˈsaʊ, -ˈsoʊ, ˌkyʊər-)

1. the main island of the Netherlands Antilles, off the NW coast of Venezuela. 159,072; 173 sq. mi. (448 sq. km). Cap.: Willemstad.
2. former name of Netherlands Antilles.
3. (l.c.) Also, cu•ra•çao (ˌkyʊər əˈsoʊ, -ˈsoʊ ə) a liqueur flavored with the peel of the bitter orange.
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Noun1.Curacao - a popular island resort in the Netherlands AntillesCuracao - a popular island resort in the Netherlands Antilles
Netherlands Antilles - a group of islands in the Lesser Antilles just to the north of Venezuela that are administered by The Netherlands
2.curacao - flavored with sour orange peel
orange liqueur - liqueur flavored with orange


[ˈkjʊərəsəʊ] Ncuraçao m


nCuraçao m