Cure of souls

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Having studied for the Catholic priesthood, I knew that this form of service was often called cura animarum, the cure of souls or care of the soul.
The first strand followed the plenary speakers' lead in investigating the pastoral implications of Lateran IV after 1215, including important contributions on the Cura animarum and confession.
Interreligious encounter on cura animarum; ECPCC and ICPCC documents and reports from 1972-1998.
"The fact is that psychologists take positions on ground deemed sacred and protected by the Church" (2), like the long practice of cura animarum. The setting of the "novel" moves from Belgium, where experimental psychology began in a Catholic center; to France, where spiritualist and miraculous phenomena erupted (especially at Lourdes); to Switzerland and England, where Jung and Catholic Jungians are portrayed; to Ireland's early response to psychoanalysis; and, of course, to the United States, where the uneasy and sometimes stormy efforts at integration were institutionalized in four major Catholic universities (St.
The self for Petrarch--if he were ever to use that term (and the title of Zak's book apparently refers to Petrarch's notion of animi cura, the care of the mind or soul, which the latter takes up in one of his letters and which is informed by, but not limited to, the Christian pastoral practice of cura animarum, although Zak does not explore this connection)--is not more or less interchangeable with the ego, nor is it a quasi public and political identity to be constructed or performed; rather, it is for him a psycho-spiritual wholeness from which we are exiled and to which we must strive, however haltingly and incompletely, to return.
"We are amazed," wrote Father Fitzgerald to a bishop in 1957, "to find how often a man would be behind bars if he were not a priest entrusted with the cura animarum (meaning the care of souls)."
Yet on the other hand, Urban did try to limit the accumulation of benefices by a single person, to link the possession of multiple benefices to the attainment of university education, and to enforce residency by provisees to benefices with cura animarum in their home dioceses.
Despite Hardwick's considerable theological sophistication, it may still be wondered how it is that one can commend the care of souls (in traditional language, the Cura Animarum) when one does not believe that there are souls.
(...) Sotto ii profilo della cura d'anime, che e sempre specializzata, possono esservi prelature con giurisdizione cumulativa o con giurisdizione mista, secondo che si tratti dell' "ordinaria cura animarum" esercitata dal Prelato sulle stesse persone e materie affidate al Vescovo diocesano, oppure che la giurisdizione ricada sulle stesse persone, ma per materie diverse>>.
For churchmen, this entails concern for cura animarum, the key to reformatio in membris.