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Noun1.Cucurbitaceae - a family of herbaceous vines (such as cucumber or melon or squash or pumpkin)
dicot family, magnoliopsid family - family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Campanulales, order Campanulales - an order of plants of the subclass Asteridae including: Campanulaceae; Lobeliaceae; Cucurbitaceae; Goodeniaceae; Compositae
cucurbit - any plant of the family Cucurbitaceae
gourd vine, gourd - any vine of the family Cucurbitaceae that bears fruits with hard rinds
Cucurbita, genus Cucurbita - type genus of the Cucurbitaceae
genus Bryonia - climbing perennial herbs: bryony
Citrullus, genus Citrullus - a dicot genus of the family Cucurbitaceae including watermelons
Cucumis, genus Cucumis - cucumbers; muskmelons
Ecballium, genus Ecballium - exploding cucumber; squirting cucumber
genus Lagenaria, Lagenaria - bottle gourds
genus Luffa - dishcloth gourds
genus Momordica, Momordica - Old World tropical vine
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The black cutworm Agrotis ipsilon (Hufnagel, 1767) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) is a polyphagous pest that feeds on nearly all varieties of vegetables and many important grains, attacking mainly Solanaceae, Cruciferae and Curcubitaceae; however, they can also attack other species of different plant families, such as corn and soybeans (Link and Pedrolo 1987; Fernandes et al.
Cayaponia ferruginea Fruta de cutia Curcubitaceae Gomes-Klein Cheiloclinium cognatum Bacupari Celastraceae (Miers) A.C.
A further contribuition to the endosperm of Curcubitaceae. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of India, v.
La medicina tradicional ofrece una alternativa para el tratamiento de padecimientos como la Diabetes mellitus en los que actualmente son utilizados una gran variedad de plantas y derivados de estas como el aguacate, ajo, te verde, goma guar, espirulina, plantas pertenecientes a la familia de las Leguminaceae, Curcubitaceae, Dioscoreaceae, entre otras (Der Marderossian, 2008: 23; Apijade, 2006: 4; Perez, 2002: 2).
The cabbage looper, Trichoplusia ni Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), is a pest with a wide range of hosts including plants of the families Brassicaceae, Solanaceae, and Curcubitaceae, such as cotton, soybean, and different weeds (GRECCO et al., 2010; MILANEZ et al., 2009).