Curing house

a building in which anything is cured; especially, in the West Indies, a building in which sugar is drained and dried.

See also: Curing

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She revealed she went for a "lovely meal" last night at The Curing House onBedford Streetwith her fiance and enjoyed "the best steak ever".
Blacks not only cut cane: at the centre of every plantation was the factory: the sugar mill -- Barbados has one of the few remaining in the Caribbean, at Morgan Lewis -- and the boiling house and the sugar curing house, perhaps a distilling house for the manufacture of rum.
Put the ham or shoulder in a good cloth sack (a feed sack or you can make a sack) with the shank down and hang it in the smoke house or curing house. If you don't hang the meat with the shank down, that is with the foot part down, it won't keep.
A few hours later, the crystallized muscovado sugar was dug out of the coolers and packed into hogsheads--wooden barrels or clay pots--and left to dry on rafters in the curing house. Finally, after two or three weeks in the curing house, the barrels were sealed and shipped off the island, usually to markets in Europe.
From the now thriving Bedford Street in Middlesbrough, which boasts the likes of The Curing House and Barbarossa, to Norton, the new go-to destination for a night out, there is so much on offer now.
The Curing House on Bedford Street - like many eateries - is no stranger to people booking a table but not turning up.
The Curing House on Bedford Street is looking for an experienced sous chef and chef de partie to join its team.
The first refers to The Curing House, one of the 'best' restaurants in Middlesbrough.
The Curing House on Baker Street has reduced its opening hours
The Curing House in Bedford Street has announced it is no longer open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday - citing a lack of passing customers for the change.
Elsewhere, Bistrot Pierre on Albert Road, The Six Medals, and The Curing House are looking for staff.