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 (kûr′ē, kŭr′ē)
Variant of curry2.
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Secretary: Ms H Miller, Ardnagar, Kinleith, Currie, Edinburgh, EH14 6AS.
This year the finalists will be Inn on the Loch in Lanark, The Citizen in Glasgow, The Outside Inn in Larbert, The Riccarton Inn in Currie, Edinburgh and Souters Inn in Kirkoswald, Ayrshire.
Frederick Anderson, 56, was in Currie, Edinburgh, when he saw the school pupil fooling around at the road side with a group of friends.
Candace Currie, Edinburgh University's child and adolescent health research unit director and the study's co-author, shunned using the word "ladette" to describe these young females.
Robert came to Charlee's rescue at the bus stop outside Asda in Currie, Edinburgh.
THE RICCARTON INN Currie, Edinburgh THE DRINK Pint of lager (Amstel) PS3.90 Fresh orange and lemonade PS2.90 Prosecco - Il Baco Da Seta extra dry (125ml) PS4.50 Vodka and coke PS3.10 Top cocktail Woo Woo - Eristoff vodka, Archers peach schnapps with cranberry and lime juice PS5.50 THE FOOD Star dish Slow cooked beef and ale pie, chips and market vegetables PS12.00
The attack ended when a man walking along the footpath next to the Water of Leith in Currie, Edinburgh, ran to help.
Lindsay and Tully also admitted an armed robbery at 69-year-old Derek and Mary Laing's home in Currie, Edinburgh, the previous day.
Engineer Ian, from Currie, Edinburgh, has had four operations to fix his leg.
Peter, from Currie, Edinburgh, said: "I feel I'm being discriminated against because I'm in a wheelchair.
Contact: Murray & Currie, Edinburgh on 0131 265 2056.