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(formerly) n
a. a tenure less than freehold of land in England evidenced by a copy of the Court roll
b. land held in this way


(ˈkɒp iˌhoʊld)

1. (formerly) a type of ownership of land in England, evidenced by a copy of the manor roll establishing the title.
2. an estate held in copyhold.
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Noun1.copyhold - a medieval form of land tenure in England; a copyhold was a parcel of land granted to a peasant by the lord of the manor in return for agricultural services
land tenure, tenure - the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands
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freehold, leasehold or under a customary estate (Government of Malawi,
However, the titling and registration of a customary estate shall not
More than 70 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owner clan groups have customary estates that include land and sea country within the Great Barrier Reef.