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tr.v. per·son·al·ized, per·son·al·iz·ing, per·son·al·iz·es
a. To render personal rather than impersonal or purely professional: personalized the doctor-patient relationship.
b. To make or alter so as to meet individual needs, inclinations, or specifications: personalize a drug regimen; personalize emails to potential customers.
c. To have printed, engraved, or monogrammed with one's name or initials: personalized the bath towels.
2. To take (a general remark or characterization) in a personal manner.
3. To attribute human or personal qualities to; personify: "songs from the fifties and sixties that personalized automobiles by giving them names" (Christopher Hitchens).

per′son·al·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Higher education, pedagogy and the 'customerisation' of teaching and learning.
Although the existing ecotourists has helped the tourism providers to know their potential market, improvisation of ecotourist segment is another friendlier approach in customerisation of products.
The different conceptualizations of customerisation have evolved over the past decade (Johnson et al., 2001).

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