Custos rotulorum

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(Eng. Law) the principal justice of the peace in a county, who is also keeper of the rolls and records of the sessions of the peace.

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Casaubon made a dignified though somewhat sad audience; bowed in the right place, and avoided looking at anything documentary as far as possible, without showing disregard or impatience; mindful that this desultoriness was associated with the institutions of the country, and that the man who took him on this severe mental scamper was not only an amiable host, but a landholder and custos rotulorum. Was his endurance aided also by the reflection that Mr.
Though I note with pleasure that the first Duke of Northumberland, when appointed to this role in 1753, was titled "Lord Lieutenant, Custos Rotulorum and Vice-Admiral of the county of Northumberland, and Lord Lieutenant of the town and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne."