Cut flowers

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flowers cut from the stalk, as for making a bouquet.

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The unhappy Hook was as impotent [powerless] as he was damp, and he fell forward like a cut flower.
To keep cut flowers fresh, place them in room-temperature water as soon as possible.
Kenya is the fourth largest exporter of cut flowers in the world.
of horticulture work at bharat sanchar bhawen new delhi (sh - providing and placing of fresh summer seasonal cut flowers )
For growers who produce cut flowers, there is a wide selection of seed grown staples like zinnias and sunflowers.
QANY tips for keeping cut flowers fresh for longerplease?
Consumers are assured of an abundant supply of cut flowers from Benguet province for this year's All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day commemoration due to good weather in the province, local officials said on Thursday.
In a study Sudhagar (2013) reported that there is an increase in the consumption of potted plants and cut flowers at a steady growth rate of 10-15% in almost all the importing countries.
However, cut flowers have become a multi-billion dollar global trade industry with a not so pretty underbelly rooted in where and how they are grown.
Last week novice gardener Sophia from Croydon asked what she should plant in window boxes or pots on her small balcony so she could enjoy cut flowers.
But when garden design assistant Lauren Dunec Hoang started thinking about bouquets for her wedding, we realized it had been decades since we devoted our garden to one very obvious thing: cut flowers.
Dutch Petals is direct importer of cut flowers from around the world, buying direct from sources in South America and Europe, including the Holland Auction.