cut nail

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cut′ nail`

a nail having a tapering rectangular form with a blunt point, made by cutting from a thin rolled sheet of iron or steel.
[1785–95, Amer.]
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As a carpenter's nails are divided into wrought nails and cut nails; so mankind may be similarly divided.
The company is also very excited about its recent introduction of the Hansen for Men line, which includes such items as Maximum Strength hand cleaner; the Clean Cut nail clipper with catcher, file and cleaner; and Maximum Strength hair remover strips for men.
You can't get the new board in unless you pull the remaining shank of the cut nail (Photo 3).
Medical Strength 2-in-1 Athlete's Foot & Fungus Cream and Severe Dry Foot Repair Cream both offer men the treatment for feet that they need, along with a Clean Cut Nail Clipper with Catcher, File & Cleaner.
Two nail care products--Clean Cut Nail Clipper and Clean Cut Toenail Clipper, both with a catcher, file and cleaner--are included in a new line of men's grooming products, Hansen for Men.
The line also includes Clean Cut Nail Clipper With Catcher, File and Cleaner, and Clean Cut Moustache & Beard Groomer.
The new lineup includes men's and women's kits, a travel-size cuticle nipper, a nail ridge smoother, an ingrown toenail nipper and ingrown toenail file, a diamond cut nail file and a stainless steel foot paddle.
Darul Uloom Deoband added that having long nails is prohibited for both men and women and it is compulsory for them to cut nails after 40 days.
The Guinness World Record holder has requested that his cut nails be immortalised in a museum and the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in Times Square responded positively.
CUT NAILS CAREFULLY "Trim your nails after a bath or shower with a good quality nail clipper, said Julian.