Cut stone

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stone hewn or chiseled to shape after having been split from the quarry.

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They are very thick, and are often plastered and whitewashed and capped with projecting slabs of cut stone.
The bridges are of a single span--a single arch--of cut stone, without a support, and paved on top with flags of lava and ornamental pebblework.
The pathway in the center of the street was unpaved, but the floors of the arcades were cut stone of various shapes and sizes but all carefully fitted and laid without mortar.
When they reached Circe's house they found it built of cut stones, on a site that could be seen from far, in the middle of the forest.
We went,' said he, 'as you told us, through the forest, and in the middle of it there was a fine house built with cut stones in a place that could be seen from far.
Tenders are invited for urgent repairs by reconstruction of old damaged cut stone culvert with 1 row of 800mm dia pipe culvert at km.
All current vehicles are included, including all the equipment needed to custom cut stone.
Hundreds of men, many of whom had used an ax only to cut stone or wood, worked day and night to cut the chunks and stack the enormous bricks of ice.
It will naturally be a princess cut stone with a band that has her name engraved on it.
Getting the cut stone from Bethlehem to Nasser's markets is even more complicated, because it has to transit through Israel.
The texture and surface structure of a traditional garden path, the smooth surface and rounded edges of century old cut stone paths (nobedan) have a premium textural quality.