Cutting die

(Mech.) a thin, deep steel frame, sharpened to a cutting edge, for cutting out articles from leather, cloth, paper, etc.

See also: Die

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As an industry groundbreaker, RotoMetrics continues to develop and expand machine finishing capabilities, while our team of hand finishing experts ensures our continued support of your current cutting die inventories.
Special cooled cutting die with a temperature-controlled water circulation system (for hot products)
A second version of the machine comes with a steel-rule cutting die and is aimed primarily at hinged PET fruit boxes.
The first example presents a modification of a deep drawing tool and the second is showing the development of a cutting edge on a cutting die.
In 1983, after 47 years, Leo retired as Vice President of Brockton Cutting & Die, located in Avon and Acme Cutting Die and Machine, Co.
Each dedicated heater platen has a specific cut plate that matches the design of the tool cutting die layout.
Complete tooling specifications, dimensions, and ordering information are supplied for three tooling lines: CNC EZ Roller thread rolling tools for #0 to 5/8" diameter threads; quick-change tangential cutting die heads for #4 to 1/2" diameter; and stationary and revolving die heads for 1/4" to 7/16" diameter.
These methods are less labor-intensive not only for avoiding cutting die tools prematurely, but also staying clear from fabrications.
Medium design sets (4" x 5") made up of one cutting die with a labeled lid and two letterpress plates as well as letterpress plate expansion packs (containing four letterpress plates) will be launched in coordination with Fiskars Fuse.
So the anvil and other components are just as important to the success of converting thin film as a cutting die," he says.
Brockton/Boston Cutting Die BST Pro Mark Burton Press Co.