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A small, transparent, often tubular laboratory vessel.

[French , diminutive of cuve, tub, from Latin cūpa; see cupola.]


a shallow dish or vessel for holding liquid
[C17: from French, diminutive of cuve cask, from Latin cupa]


(kuˈvɛt, kyu-)

a tube or vessel used in a laboratory.
[1670–80; < French, diminutive of cuve vat « Latin cūpa. See cup, -ette]
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3] mol/l of Compound I into the aggregometer cuvet during 5 min of inductors makes platelet aggregation increase on average by 9.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) a Cuvet (an instrument to measure hemoglobin), (b) a special quality label to separate blood classes, also (c) chemicals for the Genetics Center.
Measurements were performed using a spectrophotometer (Varian Cary 300 Scan UV-Visible) with a 5-cm length sample cuvet.
1 ml of the sample to be tested was taken into a cuvet and 4 ml of distilled water is added.
To register performance aggregatogram, 240 [micro]L of platelet-enriched plasma was put into cuvet, heated in the aggremeter incubator up to 37[degrees]C for 1-2 min, and then 10 [micro]L of aggregation inducer was added.
Trypsin inhibitor assay (Detection 410 nm, Tris-HCl as buffer) in both ELIZA test and cuvet was done with using Na-benzoyl-L-arginine-4-nitroanilide (L-BAPA) as a substrate.