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A small, transparent, often tubular laboratory vessel.

[French , diminutive of cuve, tub, from Latin cūpa; see cupola.]


a shallow dish or vessel for holding liquid
[C17: from French, diminutive of cuve cask, from Latin cupa]


(kuˈvɛt, kyu-)

a tube or vessel used in a laboratory.
[1670–80; < French, diminutive of cuve vat « Latin cūpa. See cup, -ette]
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Contract Awarded for Order no 834 order 10 plastic cuvettes with handle with the following measures base 21 cm x 13 cm depth 20 cm and mouth 28 cm x 19 cm see attached file quotes are received up to the day 2208 at 10 pm at comprashpmontevideocomuy or by fax at 25088131 int 306307 quotations must be sent in national currency with unit price and taxes separately it is suggested to quote online
The systems' direct attach cuvette holders accept 1 cm pathlength cuvettes for measuring absorbance and transmission of liquid samples.
Due to the lack of membranes, cuvettes or other consumables, the product is low maintenance and inexpensive to operate.
Accordingly, the thermal decomposition of AN in dynamic mode is performed in cuvettes with diameter of 5 mm.
Versatile sample holder for films and sheets, plus optional sample holders for Taber abrasion test and cuvettes for liquids.
Included within the kit's sturdy IP67 case are cuvettes, sample preparation apparatus and interface cables to allow USB or RS232 connection of the Photometer 8000.
At the end of the year, EKF received a further order from the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) - the Mexican Institute of Social Security - for cuvettes for the HemoPoint H2.
A Certificate of Invention Patent was received from the State Intellectual Property Office in relation to patent rights for the cuvettes that are used with Hemo Control, EKF's hemoglobin measurement system, the company said, adding that the patent is the first step for EKF to sell Hemo Control through its distribution network in China.
It comes with 15 plastic cuvettes and lids, a USB cable, and a user's guide.
Re-calcified kaolin activated TEG was performed on the citrated blood samples, using native cuvettes, heparinase-modified cuvettes and native cuvettes with the addition of two different doses of protamine sulphate (20 U, 0.
Because it won't scratch critical surfaces, it's suitable for cleaning film, slides, optics, cuvettes, balance pans, microscopes, electronics, and computer monitors.