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(ˈkʊksˌhɑːvən; German kʊksˈhaːfən)
(Placename) a port in NW Germany, at the mouth of the River Elbe. Pop: 52 876 (2003 est)


(ˌkʊksˈhɑ fən)

a seaport in NW Germany, at the mouth of the Elbe River. 60,200.
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Vibalogics, based in Cuxhaven, Germany, offers GMP manufacturing and development services for the biopharmaceutical industry and specializes in the handling and manufacture of viruses and live bacterial products for therapeutic and prophylactic applications.
The station BYT was ideally sited to monitor transmissions from the North Sea area and to intercept communications from the German Naval Airship Divisional HQ at Fulsbattel, and later from the new HQ at Nordholtz, Cuxhaven, as well as from the main Naval HQ at Kiel.
Carwyn's responsibility in Cuxhaven was to listen to messages transmitted from Russia, specifically in his case to East Berlin," said Gibbard.
Now Felix, right, has been sent gifts from Germany, including "signed" notes from two station cats named Batman and Metro-Miez from Cuxhaven, near Hamburg.
Maritime Emergencies in the nearby port of Cuxhaven.
It was taken in Cuxhaven, Germany, and features the 32nd Guards Bridge Royal Signals Section.
The assets under the scope of the transaction include vaccines and feed additives, commercial capabilities, as well as production sites in Cuxhaven, Germany and Winslow, Maine, the buyer said.
The Paulsen family business was established in 1909 in Otterndorf on the Niederelbe between Cuxhaven and Hamburg and has specialised in the production of mild but tasty flavoured pickles.
October 2 Tests of the German V-2 (A4) rocket begin under British control at Cuxhaven, West Germany.
5% phosphoric acid gel (Voco, Cuxhaven, Germany) FF Bis-GMA, diurethane dimethacylate, (Voco, Cuxhaven, BHT, benzotriazolderivate, 1.
In the US, Lohmann is introducing its products and has been mainly focussing so far on the registration of its feed additives - which are exclusively manufactured in Cuxhaven, Germany - in individual States.