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(kaɪp; Dutch kœip) or


(Biography) Aelbert (ˈaːlbert). 1620–91, Dutch painter of landscapes and animals


or Kuyp

(kɔɪp, kaɪp)

Aelbert, 1620–91, Dutch painter.
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This eminent gentleman and Mr Merdle, seated diverse ways and with ruminating aspects on a yellow ottoman in the light of the fire, holding no verbal communication with each other, bore a strong general resemblance to the two cows in the Cuyp picture over against them.
When he had achieved this rush of vivacity and condescension, his Lordship composed himself into the picture after Cuyp, and made a third cow in the group.
WHAT TO SEE: In the De Pijp area, don't miss the Albert Cuyp market - held daily (except Sundays).
The disposal of the Colthurst pictures, 20 lots in all including other works accredited to Chardin, Cuyp, Maratta and Carracci, was at the time standard procedure.
In 'River Landscape with Horseman and Peasants' after Aelbert Cuyp, (10) Durcan describes the speaker who expresses his extreme fear during one quiet evening:
Other paintings included works by old Dutch masters such as Jacob Cuyp, Impressionist Isaac Israels and Modernists like Wassily Kandinsky.
That's why they-' Mevroux van Cuyp interrupted him.
In which artistic field did Aelbert Cuyp (or Kuyp) become well known?
In a monumental canvas by Aelbert Cuyp, Orpheus plays the violin for an enchanted menagerie of animals from Europe and around the globe.
Eateries abound in another pleasant neighbourhood, the Pijp, around the sprawling Albert Cuyp market at Albert Cuypstraat.
The original collection, which Hope sold off gradually, included works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Canaletto, Tintoretto and Aelbert Cuyp, many of which were auctioned off at Christie's.