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1. A person who uses a virtual reality system: "Equipped with data goggles and a data glove, the virtual reality cybernaut moves through data landscapes as if they were physically located within that space" (Cathy Waldby).
2. A person who uses the internet.

[cyber- + -naut (as in astronaut).]
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a person who is an expert in or uses the internet a lot
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Noun1.cybernaut - a computer user who uses the internet; someone who explores cyberspace
computer user - a person who uses computers for work or entertainment or communication or business
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From couch potatoes to cybernauts? The expanding notion of the audience on TV channels' websites.
For cybernauts are all equidistant from one another.
Marketing consultancy Nielsen, in its most recent Global Study on Connected Commerce, takes a close look at the current buying habits of more than 13,000 Internet users from 26 countries worldwide, including Latin American cybernauts in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
In this sense, the studies and researches published in this fourth number of Correspondencias & Analisis continue to analyze and examine accurately the evolution of the ICT's as well as their gradual and vital insertion in the journalistic routines of the traditional channels, mainly in the audio-visual means where cybernauts tweets can be read during a TV news broadcasting or rebroadcasting of an episode of a favorite TV series or during a judicial procedure getting an extensive media coverage.
Nevertheless, nowadays it is possible to find the concept of meme almost everywhere on the internet, not making allusion to the concept created by Dawkins, but relating to certain kinds of images, jokes or trends popular within the cybernauts.
Cyberspace is the next step in the evolution of globalized capitalism; it performs the postmodern fantasy of freedom from materiality: "cybernauts ...
Thousands of cybernauts angrily demanded that the musical be cancelled and some called for Cherif to be stripped of his Tunisian citizenship.