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(ˈsaɪkæs; ˈsaɪkəs)
(Plants) a palm-like plant of the genus Cycas, native to equatorial regions
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Noun1.cycas - type genus of Cycadaceae: genus of widely distributed Old World evergreen tropical trees having pinnate leaves and columnar stems covered with persistent bases of old leavesCycas - type genus of Cycadaceae: genus of widely distributed Old World evergreen tropical trees having pinnate leaves and columnar stems covered with persistent bases of old leaves
gymnosperm genus - a genus of gymnosperms
cycad family, Cycadaceae, family Cycadaceae - ancient palmlike plants closely related to ferns in that fertilization is by means of spermatozoids
Cycas circinalis, false sago, fern palm - southeastern Indian cycad with palmlike foliage
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De acordo com Carinanos e Casares-Porcel (2011), as especies Schinus molle (n = 14), Schinus terebinthifolius (n = 4), Cupressus lusitanica (n = 10) e Cycas circinalis (n = 1) possuem polen potencialmente alergico as pessoas, sendo que os seus efeitos adversos sobre a populacao podem ser maximizados devido a baixa biodiversidade de especies no plantio, interacao entre polen e poluentes do ar e superabundancia de determinadas especies que atuam como fontes de polen especificos principais.
Be mindful that Cycas revoluta, Phoenix canariensis and Chamaerops humilis require bright light even in winter.
The 280-room hotel, Hyatt Place London City/East will be managed by Cycas Hospitality, its fourth collaboration on select service Hyatt hotels in Europe, the company said.
Managed by Cycas Hospitality, Hyatt Place Rouen will be the second Hyatt Place hotel in France and will join the dual-branded Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport that are currently under development.
John Wagner, co-founder of Cycas Hospitality, said: 'We know that guest expectations and travelling styles have evolved in recent years, creating a growing demand for centrally-located properties that bridge the gap between hotels and home.
Ambrex, a licensed polyherbal formulation consists of five 'Generally-Safe' Indian herbs: Withania somnifera, Cycas circirnalis, Shorea, robusta, Orchis mascula and amber (a resin from Pinus succinifera) that are blended together in accordance to the Siddha-system of medicine.
These moths have been recorded associating with cycads on only 2 previous occasions: (1) Adults of an unidentified species of Anatrachyntis that develop larvae in the pollen cone were reported as pollinators of an Old World cycad, Cycas micronesica Hill (Cycadaceae), on Guam (Terry et al.
[SlideDeck2 id=166096] The highest and lowest priced homes sold in the New Orleans area for February 2- HIGHEST Address: 20 Cycas, Kenner Sales price: $70,000 Asking price: $900,000 Listing agent: Michael Beck, Keller Williams Selling agent: Judy Walker, Keller Williams The property at 20 Cycas sits next to many other custom-built homes in the Gabriel subdivision off Joe Yenni Boulevard in Kenner.
edule en sitios con baja perturbacion humana (Vovides, 1990), Cycas circinalis L.