Cycle of the moon

a period of 19 years, after the lapse of which the new and full moon returns to the same day of the year; - so called from Meton, who first proposed it.

See also: Cycle

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PICK OF THE DAY wonders of the moon BBC1, 9pm Using the latest imagery, it reveals the monthly life cycle of the Moon as it waxes and wanes.
The performers dance in circles to express the cycle of the moon and the planets of the universe.
org) explains why: "A 19-year cycle of the moon is the reason.
It was thought that if newlyweds drank mead or honey wine every evening for one month - the cycle of the moon - they would have a male heir within a year.
There was no simple summary, no answer in the cycle of the moon,
After proud Papa Chippy waits one cycle of the moon for his babies to be born and another six weeks as they grow in their burrow, he delights when his four youngsters finally emerge in the garden.
A strict programme of homeopathic sprays and meticulous observance of the cycle of the moon, stars and planets supplements an organic regime.
The date of Easter varies each year because it is determined not by our daily calendar but by the cycle of the moon, again a potent pagan symbol of fertility.
The cycle of the moon provides a comforting touchstone to home, and acts as temporal background to the journey.