cyclic redundancy check

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Noun1.cyclic redundancy check - an error correction code that is recorded in each sector of a magnetic disk and used to catch errors in the data
ECC, error correction code - (telecommunication) a coding system that incorporates extra parity bits in order to detect errors
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Transmitted messages were enveloped within additional sychronizing bits and a nine-bit cyclic redundancy code (CRC).
Earlier many research associates focused on the codes that can correct up to one or two-bit errors using simple techniques such as Cyclic redundancy codes (CRC), Hamming Codes and Duplicate Add Parity (DAP) [3,14].
[15] Koopman, P.: 32-bit cyclic redundancy codes for Internet applications, In: Dependable Systems and Networks 2002, ISBN: 0-7695-1101-5, pp.

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